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why do i need a professional garden designer?

a garden designer is trained in horticulture & has the ability to analyse all elements of your garden. it is this professional, holistic approach that guarantees a complete design solution for your garden, a solution that will enhance your life forever more. a professional design allows you to open your garden to its fullest potential, giving you any new possibilities for your outdoor space & enable you to realise these possibilities in a coherent, organised & ultimately cost effective way by providing a vision, realistic & achievable goal to your budget

what's involved in the process of designing a garden?

for the breakdown & full explanation of the process please click here

will it increase the value of my property by investing in my garden?

what you should be asking yourself, how much? between 10 & 20% of the property's value & having a beautifully designed garden will also increase the saleability of your home. but remember all garden designs are personal & different people will have different requirements from a garden. this is something we will consider & discuss during the design process.

how much does it cost to have my garden designed?

a good design doesn't need to cost the earth. naturally, the final cost of the design will depend on the size & nature of the garden, its present condition. the amount of hard landscaping or planting that is re-useable, & what you envision in your garden. the design fee is only a small part of the overall cost of building a garden. i will quote for my design service free of any obligation after our initial consultation & will continue to advise you on the many ways to keep costs down. if you require more information on how fees are structured, please click here

is there a fee for the initial consultation, if so how much?

yes it costs £50 for the initial consultation this is refundable against the design fees should you choose to proceed.

how long will it take to design my garden?

it is all depends on the nature & size of your garden & of course the complexity of your design & requirements. you should always plan ahead, even the smallest garden can take up to 2 weeks, just to design and a further 4-6 weeks to build. if you would like your new garden to be ready for the summer, you really need to be thinking about getting in contact with me in the autumn beforehand. it’s worth being aware that i can design a garden at any time of year, but planting will only be possible in the autumn or spring when soil & climatic conditions are favourable.

will i be able to add ideas during the design process?

of course you'll be able to contribute ideas, that's the reason I like to build a good honest relationship with everyone of my clients right from the start. i welcome & encourage any ideas you may have.

i don’t like the finished design, what happens?

if that's the case something has gone terribly wrong. i work very closely with my clients through all stages of the design stages this is both of our guarantee that the final masterplan will be one that will meet & exceed all of your expectations. the design can change a 1000 times to make sure we have the right design to suit you & your needs. 

will you be building my garden?

no i'm a landscape designer, not a builder sorry. however i can recommenda few fully trusted contractors that i have worked with in the past to build your garden. i only focus on the soft landscaping near completion by planting your garden to give it the finishing touches. i can also project manage if you require to make sure the garden is built to a high standard, within the time scale and kept to the design.



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